The AutoQuad Gate

The AutoQuad Gate is a simple, effective patented device that opens automaticaly without power to allow an ATV plus driver to pass through it without the need to dismount the vehicle, closing automatically as they cruise on through.
Remove the need to dismount/ open gate/ remount/ drive through/ dismount/ close gate/ remount!
The Auto Quad Unit - Drive Up, Drive Over, Drive On
The Auto Quad Unit – Drive Up, Drive Over, Drive On
Obviously convenient for all ATV users, this time and energy saving 2-in-1 gate is particularly useful for the older, agricultural driver who may find it less easy to mount / dismount the ATV on a regular basis.
Intalling the Auto Quad Gate allows easy and rapid passage throughout the farm. With the average farmer’s age on the rise, this product will facilitate yars of easy quad driving for young and old alike.
The aim of the product is not to replace every gate on a farm, but rather the one or two gates that farmers continuously find themselves opening in order to gain access with their ATV.
The concept of the AutoQuad Gate is simple – once you see it in action.
Please take the time to visit the “AutoQuad Gate on Film” page to fully appreciate how easy it is to install and use.